About us?

IBS is a company dedicated to the manufacture of garments for more than 30 years. We distinguish ourselves by combining versatility and agility with the highest quality standards, having an infrastructure capable of providing a wide range of products and services.


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We make your brand clothing, following your instructions, with the highest quality standards, so that you can focus on their marketing and / or distribution.
AQL 2.5%*
Military Standards 105E

White brand

Develop your complete product with us. In addition to manufacturing, we include other phases of the process, such as design, fabrics, accessories, molding, scaling, tracing, digital pattern making, and cutting.

Reasons to choose us


Installed capacity, which
allows the management of a
high demand.


More than 30 years of
market experience
National and international.


Installed capacity, which
allows the management of a
high demand.


Versatility in fabrics
and designs.




Comprehensive solution all under
the same roof.


We are located in the Barranquilla Free Trade Zone, a free trade area where we enjoy logistical facilities for imports and exports, as well as tax and customs advantages that directly affect our clients.

Among the benefits of the Colombian franc regime are:

-Raw materials and foreign inputs can enter and be processed to be exported as a finished product without paying nationalization taxes or tariffs.

-Agility in customs and foreign trade procedures with customs in place of free access of goods produced in the free zone to the national market (only nationalization is paid by the foreign aggregate).

-Unlimited storage of foreign merchandise without payment of customs duties.
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